Cleaning Venetian Blinds

There are many steps that are involved in cleaning your venetian blinds. By cleaning your venetian blinds the proper way, you can ensure that your blinds will last longer. You will be surprised at how much dust and dander gather on your venetian blinds. This is why it is important that you repeat the cleaning process very often.

The first step in cleaning your venetian blinds is to take them down from their window tracking. You may then place them in a bathtub or a child size plastic pool. When placing the blinds in the water, you should make sure that the water covers the top of the blinds completely. You may use a variety of different cleaning products, but I have found that vinegar gets the job done with the best results. You should then pour one gallon of white vinegar into the bathwater and mix it with your hands. The vinegar will take off all the grime that is on the blinds, but will not eat the finish or the blinds themselves.  The blinds should soak in the water and vinegar until the dirt has completely dissolved.

Next, you may empty the bathwater and rinse the blinds one more time with cold water. Cleaning your bathtub after you have rinsed and taken the blinds out is very much recommended. If you are cleaning your blinds in warm weather, you can lay a towel outside and place the venetian blinds on it while allowing them to dry. If you are cleaning your blinds in cool or wet weather it is best pat them dry before hanging them back on the window tracking. It is best to dust your blinds weekly to maintain them and prevent dirt and grime build up.

Maintaining your venetian blinds is very important in how much mileage you will get out of them. You should follow all of the steps that are recommended and be sure that you are using the right venetian blind cleaner for your type of venetian blinds. Remember that vinegar is highly recommended and can be safely used on all venetian blinds and will show excellent results.